Fox Creek Farm


Breeding Program 2015

Chartier x Banderas

Chartier is a 2010 JC thoroughbred mare that is approved GOV in the main mare book. This is a sweet mare that is very athletic. She is bred to Banderas (pictured right) for a May 2016 foal.

Balou du Rouet x Grannus x Beach Boy
Standing at Dreamscape Farm

Vicar of Dibley x Chacco Rubin

Vicar of Dibley is a 2010 JC thoroughbred mare with an amazingly sweet disposition that will be approved with GOV along with her foal next year. She has been with us since June 2015 and is bred to Chacco Rubin for a June 2016 foal.
Chacco Rubin is an exciting young stallion with amazing scope and a rhythmic canter. Sired by Chacco Blue.

Owned by Dreamscape Farm